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Chromatography is an independent, economical and fast way to know the health of the soil; with this method data about its biological, physical and chemical management is obtained.

The Chromatography Course aims to share the knowledge to elaborate Qualitative Analysis of soils, composts and biofertilizers so that the farmer, the producer, the gardener, the student or any citizen or trainee in organic agriculture, can correctly judge and evaluate the biological quality of their soils, fertilizers, biofertilizers and vermicomposts in relation to the interaction between the content of microorganisms, organic matter and minerals, so that they can select the appropriate management and the amount to apply with an optimal result at the lowest price. Practices (including laboratory practices) can be carried out directly in the field with farmers, producers or other course participants, using real samples of soils, fertilizers, biofertilizers and humus.

The fundamentals of the value of soil life on the natural fertility capacity of the soil are also reviewed. It facilitates the understanding of the negative impacts of the inputs and technologies of the green revolution on the loss of biology in agricultural lands, and consequently the loss of soil fertility.

The practical aspect of the course includes the elaboration of qualitative analyses of soils, biofertilizers, composts, plant extracts and soil quality.

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