The Uncertainty of Plant Nutrition and Fertilization

“Organic agriculture is like the universe, dynamic and expanding.”

All interpretations of nutritional events occurring within a plant have the limitations imposed by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

Therefore, such limitations interfere with the desire to achieve perfect nutrition for a crop, since neither the position nor the speed of a particle of a given element can be accurately predicted, within the metabolism of a plant, since this, in turn, is in constant exchange with a biologically active soil, in which the incessant movement of all the particles of all the elements present prevents the precision of their respective positions and speeds.

This is why it is necessary to make profound transformations in the current way of approaching the relationships between the biochemistry of soils in interaction with the biochemistry of plants. The industry monolithically establishes chemical fertilization, denying the history of the transformations that chemistry has undergone and continues to undergo.

The theory of dissipative structures by IIya Prigogine, who demonstrates its application with great success to both biological and social problems, is relevant. His approach is simple: in the simplest cells, normal metabolic processes involve thousands of complex chemical reactions. It means that biological order is both a functional order and a time span.

In terms of research, the agro-industrial model is imposing and full of aberrations; it is increasingly researching what has long been established, without obtaining satisfactory results. Researchers in the service of this model are not trained to recognize the dynamics of other alternatives, with new instruments to try to see new things. To recognize such alternatives requires that the scientist’s perception be re-educated and his attitude reformulated, under a new light, since they do not have the capacity to recognize the limits imposed by uncertainty, both for their old and new research. An example of this, as we have tried to show, are the interpretations of the nutritional events that occur inside a plant.

“The knowledge to succeed with organic agriculture is not rooted in the refinement of technical skills, but in human sensitization.”

Jairo Restrepo Rivera, May 5/2021, Pachita, Cali, Colombia.

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