BIOLOGICAL MATURITY, The Way Back – By Juan Dutra Keiran and Bruno Vasquetto – Physical Book


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Once upon a time there was a green meadow, where the natural evolved, nothing knew of the ‘productivity’, simply walked moon after moon along the path of existence. So intricate and complex its living scheme had become, that it was capable of producing the human. It challenged him, set him limits of coexistence, and then latter, using his intelligence, knew how to understand it as shelter, dwelling, food and art.

Suddenly, two of the most dangerous weapons of the species were taking shape over the initial understanding, the ego and the currency unhinged the human who made survival an art. Nothing was as it was before, and in a couple of seconds for the planet, the same intelligence that was waiting for the good moon to sow the seed, harvest or reap, now anxiously awaits the opening of the stock market, and is more concerned with the best photo shot of a live event than with contemplating it from beginning to end and understanding it.

This is how we got involved in a destructive biological ignorance that slows down civilizations,
ego and currency rule Mother Nature and Father Soil towards extinction.
Biological Maturity is the only agronomic tool capable of reorienting human ambition towards to have better in order to live more, and not to have more in order to live better, establishing a perfectly passable way back.
A return path that can be perfectly traversed, formatted, tested and applicable to any scale of production.
productive scale, but, to walk it, it is necessary to change… Are you willing to do so?

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