Cultivating together an organic relationship with the land

About us

La Mierda de Vaca is an initiative dedicated to rescue the old, the past that is impregnated with wisdom and full of values; where the bio-power of the humble people of the countryside is combined with the new that technology offers us; without losing the sensitivity towards the search for the fraternal and self-determination to decide the production of basic crops to survive with dignity. It is a present that breaks with the paradigm where they want us to believe that only the giant agribusiness is useful, where everything depends on a technologically imposed and predatory sequence. La Mierda de Vaca seeks the rescue of the simple, the independence of external resources, the expression of knowledge made understanding from the hands of thousands of peasant families that still re-exist in the countryside.


Jairo Restrepo Rivera

The Founder

Agronomist and technical lecturer worldwide ad honoren in more than 50 universities, international cooperations and research and public education institutions.

Born in Colombia and naturalized in Brazil, he has had a worldwide technical impact in all processes for the development of organic agriculture in more than 30 countries, mainly based on the development of fertilization techniques and organic nutrition in different crops, recovery, soil conservation, diagnosis and planning of transition processes towards organic agriculture.

Tireless promoter to achieve the maximum independence of external resources and inputs in all production processes in rural areas, mainly at the level of the peasantry in Latin America. Currently, in addition to continuing with the processes of practical training directly in the rural environment with producers, he divulges and publicly advises different forms and processes in the elaboration of inputs for the fertilization and nutrition of different crops at small and medium scale.


To teach and promote organic agriculture as the main source of dignified life and social prosperity for the countryside.


To transform the way food is produced at the international level, hand in hand with fair, affordable and solidarity-based organic agriculture.


  • Commitment
  • Transparency
  • Solidarity
  • Respect for life and the environment

Our scope

Do you want to generate a positive impact for the field?

We make it possible. It contributes to the social transformation of the countryside.

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