“A greater or lesser attack on plants by insects and microorganisms depends on their state of nutritional balance “ (Francis Chaboussou). During years of research, Chaboussou verified in France that the action of poisons used to control grape bunchworms, as well as fungicides, had an effect on mites through the plant. On the other hand,

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The Uncertainty of Plant Nutrition and Fertilization

“Organic agriculture is like the universe, dynamic and expanding.” All interpretations of nutritional events occurring within a plant have the limitations imposed by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Therefore, such limitations interfere with the desire to achieve perfect nutrition for a crop, since neither the position nor the speed of a particle of a given element

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“With organic farming, rural men and women acquire tools to analyze and transform their reality by themselves.” In the same way that the spirit is not exclusive to Homo sapiens, nature is an autonomous reality that surpasses and predates the human. Life is not a linear flow; it is not a monotonous back and forth;

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A tribute to him, by Jairo Restrepo Nothing easy, 26 days ago (April 10/2023), in Marcos Paz, in his own home, once again I had the honor to share with Jorge Rulli, a transcendental moment in the midst of the dialogue, interrupted by pain, what impressed me most about the great warrior, was the confirmation

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Good Plants (Weeds) 39 Benefits of Having Them

“Constant soil cover represents a secure, effective, simple, and rapid system that ensures the conversion of the conventional predatory agricultural model towards organic farming and rational grazing for peaceful coexistence with nature. When a term becomes ingrained in customs, distorting it becomes a herculean task. Nothing is more conservative than a speaker with their learned

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Technology, Destruction, Domination and Rebellion

In a non-mechanistic conception, the new emerges from the old, through the creative transformation that takes place between advanced technology and the empirical techniques of peasants. Paulo Freire In rural areas, it can be said that a technology is public domain when it has been generated with the participation of peasants, both men and women,

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