A tribute to him, by Jairo Restrepo

Nothing easy, 26 days ago (April 10/2023), in Marcos Paz, in his own home, once again I had the honor to share with Jorge Rulli, a transcendental moment in the midst of the dialogue, interrupted by pain, what impressed me most about the great warrior, was the confirmation of the integrity of coherence and lucidity, expressing his continuous concern for the duty to continue fighting for life until the last consequences and last moments in which he still felt he could breathe, his concern for the youth, for the lack or scarcity of historical memory that beset them and for the uncertainty in which the globalization of capital makes them navigate in an alienated way; He slept for a few minutes due to the effects of the dose of morphine that tried to calm the pain, and again, he resumed the coherent thread of his concern for the youth, for the lack of clarity where to direct his efforts with precision, to try to build the different, where the just, the human, the fraternal, the respect and the dignity of the earth as a superior living being, which has still allowed us to be sheltered. Again, he slept for a few minutes, when he woke up he confessed to me the importance of the family, but this time he referred to humanity as such, sharing in peace with the trees, with the environment, with the animals, the neighbors, the orchard and nature. It was not easy to say goodbye, I took his hand, hugged him, and smiling like a warrior, I said goodbye to him.

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