Organic Agriculture = Life

Welcome to this space where we want to share with you visions about the earth, organic agriculture, food and our relationship with the planet and its diversity of inhabitants.

For La Mierda de Vaca it is of vital importance to generate environments where as human beings we can reflect and learn about issues that concern/worry/indignate us, but also where we can celebrate life and share the knowledge and experiences that nourish/wonder/transform us, with which as a society we grow and recover the lost relationship with this planet that is our home.

We want to tell you that the idea of this blog is just a place where in a relaxed and less technical way, we can share with you texts, images, short videos and even audios about our experiences with the vast universe that encompasses life on earth, with all its complexities, but also its infinite magic.

We hope to generate a pleasant and respectful space, where you can also guide with your comments the routes to travel.

“As children of the earth we must become its caretakers, we must love and respect it, that is the goal of organic agriculture, a practice that chooses to live in harmony with it in order to survive”.

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